Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Early minutes

Remember when you were at school and suddenly your teacher announced that you were allowed to have an early minute... just because? It was so exciting and seemed like such a rare treat. Working full-time means limited time to do unworkish things in daylight and today I was lucky enough to finish a tiny bit earlier than usual. The joy I felt at something so small was almost silly but somehow 20 minutes felt like hours & hours of freedom. I took my time walking home in the warm sunshine, shed my work skin gratefully, put on grubby shoes & grabbed the rare opportunity to do happy things in the garden & 'round the house. 
This is what it looked like...

The blue lobelia are loving these sunny spring days

Some of the pots n things from a box of market goodies waiting to be scrubbed & cleaned... another little job done. Always a good feeling!

The last few weeks have been frantic and sadly a little low in terms of arty productions... I plan to turn this around & make the most of this week.

A brand new flower from the Sunday morning markets. Isn't this a lil darling?!

Piles of old books that I have been flicking through a lot lately. Some are falling apart so badly. I'm tempted to carefully dissect the badly damaged ones and frame the pages I really like

yay for dianthus! nice smelly ones too!

The petunias are happily flowering at the moment. They used to be absolutely obliterated by hungry snails but my solutions is to put them in pots out of reach of sneaky sluggish types :)

This miniature rose was a gift from Mum & Dad when I first began my love affair with all things garden. Last year it decided not to flower and didn't do much at all. I was a bit worried I was going to lose it... but it seems to be making up for it this spring!

This gem of a pot that I found in hard rubbish is now overflowing with white lobelia seedlings, spring onions and portulacas... yay!

...Don't you forget it!

ok, so the tin fetish is getting silly but this one is so red & delightful!!! One more can't hurt?

May my fascination with paint never end :)

Gots me some plans for a new series of canvases... exciting!

I couldn't be more at peace than when I'm making this sort of mess in the backyard!!

An owl... that holds a plant.... oh me oh my. My friends know me too too well! One object that combines my favouritist things. BIG. SQUEE.
 It's just getting dark. Time to get stuck into some serious gluing, sticking, cutting, editing, scribbling and moodling... it's long awaited art journal time.
Give yourself a well-deserved treat & take an early minute one day soon?
xx Jessie Lee.

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