Monday, 31 October 2011

Feeling the love for Junkaholique

To say this blog is delicious is an understatement. I have loyally followed Artemis's adventures for a long time now and have not once been disappointed! Every single time I check in, her posts are overflowing with artsy, creative, colourful inspiration, her latest vintage finds and delectable photos of camping adventures with her husband, Nao. Together, they own and run RUST (amazing jewellery) as well as an online store, The Bucket Tree (definitely worth checking out if you like rare and interesting second-hand goodies!). Her life looks beyond magical and I have often found myself daydreaming about her gorgeous little shed! oh and her collection of vintage clothes makes me sigh with complete awe! So does her garden... eeep!!
Artemis is not only talented, crafty, clever and beautiful but refreshingly and delightfully real. What I like most about her and the way she blogs is how incredibly human she comes across. She is funny, quirky, kind, honest and really just someone you would quite like to sit down and chat to over Devonshire tea.
Below are just a smattering of photos from Junkaholique. Aren't they wonderful?!
Oh and if you find delight in unique weddings... look at the photos from theirs!!!

>>>Click on any of these pictures to be transported to the blog

I hope this made you smile :)
xx Jessie Lee

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