Tuesday, 4 October 2011

one sunny day

I don't know if I'm alone in feeling this way, but it has seemed as though this year was made up almost entirely of Winter. Summer was almost a non event and I have just felt cold.. all the time! Being someone who adores spending the weekends at outdoor markets, meeting friends out for brekky and gardening, cold weather is often my worst enemy. It seems to sap me of creative energy and I tend to avoid braving the wind and rain more than I have to. This is frustrating as I would like to think I could use this 'indoor time' to make and create. It just doesn't seem to work that way.
Don't, get me wrong, I am well aware that Adelaide is FAR from the coldest place in the world (!!) but I guess I just thrive off the feeling I get from warm, sunny days that seem to coax everyone from their cold, shy worlds, out into the big bright world. The way my mood falls when my bedroom blind shoots up in the morning to reveal a drab grey sky is almost comical... I just about want to sob on the spot! I know, what a sook. But, I've been this way for a while and as much as I try try try to embrace winter, I just can't seem to revel in it the way some others are able to. I do enjoy a night tucked under blankets reading from time to time but if I had the choice between that and laying spread-eagle beneath the sun on a balmy spring day, there is no competition.
Sunday was one of those delicious days that I would like to have kept in a jar, next to the honey. One I would happily pull out and relive over and over. It was gorgeous and I spent a good part of the afternoon in my backyard. I felt lucky to have the time to do this and took some piccies of my garden while I was at it - 

Pretty in pink! My Stocks were a hot favourite for the slugs n thugs of my garden this winter but they're still gorgeous!
Seaside Daisy that I have only recently put in. I am hoping it will go as berserk as it seems to in everybody else's gardens

Lavender and Lobelia :)

Nothing beats freesias. They will forever remind me of my Mum and spring time. They smell amazing and I loved having some in pots this year.    

the Begonia is the star of the shady back corner of my backyard.
potty goodness!
delightful double daisies

A lady bug came and landed on my hand while I was taking these pictures! I think she wanted her photo taken. S'cuze the blurriness... I was hurrying in case she flew away. And that's exactly what happened!
Nasturtiums that popped up on their own

Strawberries from Strath markets. mmmmm they're going to be delish!

on the left - my first hydrangea! yipee!

My lil nodding violets have just bloomed. It's been a long time coming but it's worth the wait. They're a bit beautiful :)

Dianthus and begonias
Sweet peas... possibly my favouritist ever flower!

Fresh market flowers for a special someone
Lemon yellow snapdragons and parsley

A beautiful geranium that Mum gave me as a cutting from her garden. I am so happy that it grew

more garden furniture courtesy of hard rubbish! I just can't help myself and I am always drawn to shabby things that are past their prime!

some stunning impatiens  

I hope you enjoyed some sunshiny days lately!

xx Jessie

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  1. Hey Jessie! Your garden shots fill me with green thoughts! (a bit of envy because my poor old plants are looking a bit slug-eaten at the moment, but mostly green growing thoughts!) I linked to you on my blog, which I am going to be a bit more disciplined about, just so you know! xox Enken