Saturday, 15 October 2011

bits of a Sunday morning

crockery that came home with me from the White Elephant stall at a church garage sale yesterday.

is it silly to have a favourite spoon? I don't suppose so.
sunlight behind the teacup tree.

leaf dish I found yesterday in a 50cent reject pile... swoon!
Sunday brekky. If I can't get to the markets, this comes in a very close second to my favourite thing to do on this day of the week.

White begonia waiting for a new home in my garden

the rare opportunity to sleep in. I'm normally a very early riser but the occasional snooze on a Sunday morning is very necessary sometimes :)
noticing beauty where I hadn't before.

Little piles of desk clutter. A sure sign that happy pottering is in full swing.

Watering my front door flowers

Looks like it might be time to go through my 'hard rubbish' pots and start acquainting them with plantish companions

After a somewhat hectic week, today is a welcome relief from the chaos of rushing. Sleep doesn't come easy anymore but last night, I felt my heavy legs melt into bed and I don't think I moved much all night. A lovely refreshing surprise. We forget to slow down sometimes. We race and worry and get swept along in the manic gush of jobs that need doing and work and chores and deadlines and getting organised. We forget to give ourselves permission to just S T O P.
This morning is for stopping. And I gladly welcome the opportunity to plop around in my over sized knits, paint-stained pj's and hideous bed socks doing quiet things on my own. Things that would seem quite mundane and silly to anyone else but feel like lovely reminders to me of who I am and what's important. I took the time to pluck sultanas from my muesli (those squashy excuses for fruit just get me all bothered and cranky), drink more than 1 cup of tea, flick through some old children's picture books that I found at a jumble sale yesterday and pause on the pictures that make me swoon. I've done my washing, the clean towels are flapping around in the breezy sunshine and I'm listening to Feist. Sounds so simple and uninteresting but these moments are full of soft seconds that I need. In just a few short hours, I know this will be over and I will return to real life which usually involves wearing socially appropriate clothing and going from one thing to another, but right now, I just want to wallow in the hush of my Sunday morning.

May you have a few quiet moments to yourself some Sunday soon. 
xx Jessie Lee.

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