Sunday, 9 October 2011

You little beauty


You know that really lovely 'I feel better knowing places like this' sort of sensation? Well, I got to experience that to the enth degree yesterday when a trip to the Port Adelaide Artists Market with Mama and Papa bear lead to the accidental discovery of the MOST INCREDIBLE little bookshop. Truly, I did a little jig when we walked through the front gate and into a sunny front yard laden with books, succulents in little pots, postcards (oh my...SO many postcards), old magazines, calenders... just bookish nerdish treasurish heaven!! I realise these are not real words but in this case, they are completely necessary! We really could have spent hours and hours looking through this amazing home converted into a bookshop had we not been in somewhat of a hurry and I plan to go back there very soon to ogle the shelves for much longer. It's the kind of secret little place I want to take everyone I love. The lovely owner kindly allowed me to take some photos (I don't pretend to be any sort of photographer so please forgive my hurried iphone snaps!) that will hopefully give you a tiny inkling of how gorgeous this place is. But if you ever find yourself wondering what to do on a lazy Saturday, please mosey on down to Queenstown and take a look?! I left with a gorgeous plant, some more luscious postcards to add to my odd collection and a skip in my step.
You can find it here - Queenstown Cottage Bookshop, 139 Port Road. 


This morning, Mr Mr and I jumped in the ute and burned down to a car boot sale. Yep, 7th heaven. I was one happy lady! The weather looked a little iffy but thankfully the rain held off and it was surprisingly warm. We got there a little later than we usually like to (it can sometimes be quite tempting to press snooze on a Sunday morning!) but I found a few wonderful bits n pieces in a short amount of time. There was a particularly friendly market vibe going on today (perhaps it was that unexpected delicious car boot sale sunshine!) and I happily wove my way from stall to stall, patting dogs and smiling at babies on the way. Dogs and babies are other things that make me swoon. It's probably quite revolting to witness. I was so content I forgot to take more than a handful of piccies!

lovingly crocheted mustard beanie... eeep!

I've always seen these around and loved them so I was quite excited when a darling old lady was trying to get rid of them for $3... score!

A new bag to stash my market goodies. It is the most inappropriate shade of green and I loved it instantly!

May your Sunday evening be a little bit wonderful.
xx Jessie Lee

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