Friday, 4 November 2011


A few weeks ago, as a surprise for my birthday, my Mr took me on a surprise trip away. It was only an hours drive, it was only for one night but the whole experience somehow made breathing a little easier. The air was different, the road trip felt magical and mysterious and the destination seemed full of quiet possibilities. Most of all, it was a chance to take a b i g deep breath & just wallow in the loveliness of a change of scenery. The weather was warm, the time seemed to slow and I just loved taking a step back from the everyday & enjoying every second of my mini holiday. The particular town we went to (by no coincidence!) housed a number of incredible second-hand shops. They were quite literally jam packed with pre-loved goodies and we spent a good part of the second day up there looking around with jaw-dropping awe! Here is a tiny piece of our time away.

Yes, I even got excited about cows in paddocks. It's the little things.
On the way there, we rescued a turtle that was trying to cross the road. That was adventure that wouldn't end well for him..

These shops... wow. I have never seen so much stuff crammed into one space. It is almost overwhelming!

oh and there were lots and lots and lots of chairs...

more chairs.

I spent ages ogling the oriental china. Absolutely stunning.

Our beautiful villa had a coffee machine & I got to have a play.

On Sunday morning, we found a little market not far away and spent a little while wandering around. Some of the pink flowers in this photo came home with me :)

I found a mustard yellow knitted owl tea cosy. Needless to say, he now looks very comfortable in my home. Love at first sight!
...Coming home with a box of treasures

The whole experience may not look like much, but it was more than enough for me :)
xx Jessie Lee

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