Tuesday, 1 November 2011


A c h e

The toppling over, 
the feeling that something vital is disintegrating, 
the stuck in muck feeling
Seeping out at the edges.
Oh I want to twist away from this loneliness.
There seems to be no place for it in the swirling world around me.
All this sadness and unexpressed parts.
We can end up carrying all this sadness and unexpressed bits of ourselves
if we don't speak up.
Spill open
and be truly as we are.
I am learning that loving all the way can ache and sting,
but loving halfway doesn't keep us safe.
It leaves s with a hope that could never live out loud.
Let yourself pour forward
and be a place for your ache to rest.

words by Sabrina Ward Harrison

Art work by Jessie Lee.

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