Wednesday, 11 January 2012

tid bits

Hullo! I am approaching the end of another journal. Buzzing to start a new one, it's always a good feeling. Ideas seem to be sprouting wings & perching on the forefront of my mind. Gone are the days when I ignore the urge to create. I spent the afternoon, curled up at my desk, the sun streaming in my back door, drawing/gluing/writing/scribbling/managing to get paint on my elbow, the floor & the bathroom taps. This is an improvement on recent times. Including when I managed to fuse 2 fingers together using outdoor furniture varnish. If I'm good at anything, it's making a mess. Funny thing is, that's when I am at my happiest. After scratching the journalish itch, I started & finished a present for a beautiful girl, begun planning the project for Dad's approaching birthday & dabbled in some more potty creations..More on that new project later, I am so excited to share what I've been yabbering on about for a few weeks now! Here's some tid bits from a few of the last few journal pages
new lil lady character
above pot plant image printed from incredible blog hello sandwich
One of the new drawings I plan on making into a print.
little fatty, this one! I tried to squash it down with heavy books overnight. But as soon as I took them off, it sprung back to it's full glory!

Happy sunshiney afternoon!.. I just relocated to the table in my backyard. This delightful sunlight hasn't been around for most of the week & I plan to get some vitamin d!!
xxx Jessie Lee

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