Monday, 23 January 2012

it was hot

Mum & Dad often teased me about the fact that, when I was just a pint-sized Jessie Lee, I begun every story I wrote with 'It was hot'. It still gets brought up now! But those exact words seem completely appropriate for this post. We have had a few consistently warm days now & everything seems to have a golden tinge. Although my little shoe-box sixed home is warm enough to melt your toes & the walk to & from work suddenly seems like a sweaty chore, the shampoo is hot when you squeeze it out & the leaves on everything are crispy, I can't help but relish the balmy evenings... the sun soaked tomatoes sprouting in the garden & the opportunity to wear not much more than my ugliest tank top! Summer days like these will forever remind me of running through the sprinkler with my brother & sister, squealing at the shock of cold & making sure to avoid the bees on the grass. Or of homemade iceblocks in plastic holders with a little hole for slurping. Of long lazy visits to my grandparents, my Grandfather sundrying apricots out the back, Nanny sitting beside the fan playing puzzles with us. I can remember fish & chips on the beach, digging holes in the sand that were big enough to sit in, trips to the swimming centre & fresh colourful salds for tea. These are warm, lovely memories in my mind & they trickle back to me as soon as things start to get toasty. 
Although it can be hard to keep the plants in my garden looking lush & green, I spent some time on Saturday, tending to the potted darlings & making sure everything got a good soak. It was also a good excuse to plonk myself at my desk & make some mess. It all looked a bit like this. 

 xx Jessie

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