Saturday, 21 January 2012

keeping calm

Being back at work has been a shock to the system. It is a challenge to hold tight onto the refreshed feeling, the new-found inspiration, the boundless motivation. But it is a challenge I am more than ready & willing to take on! Much needed changes in the balance between work & art have already begun to take place which is both scary & indescribably exhilarating. So far this year I have been experiencing an amazing sense of calm which is quite alien to me. I am cradling it gently with both hands & hope that it will stick around. It's quite wonderful.
I hope you are finding this year has begun peacefully and, if not, that it may be humming with creative enthusiasm. 
Here are some piccies that made me feel all gooey in the heart tonight.
xx Jessie

I can't find an active URL for this one.. sorry :(
( please click on each image to be taken to it's source x )

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