Sunday, 1 January 2012

jumping in

On the night before New Years Eve, my so called 'art-space clean-out' turned into an epic 'entire-house-rearrangement'. It was so much fun and I just got so stuck into it, making changes with things that had been bugging me for a while. The TV that has been unplugged & unused for such a long time got plucked from the living area (if you can call it that... my house is VERY tiny!) and has now made room for much more wonderful things in the fireplace that it occupied. My art tables got shifted around & are now side by side. One for journalling, drawing, blogging, paperish things, the other for messier jobs involving pots & lacquer & house paint & drilling (Mum & Dad gave me a drill for Christmas... squeee!!!) & sanding. The biggest change I want to make in 2012 is that art becomes #1 & having an art space that is accessible & functional & appealing is one way of ensuring I use it as often as possible. 
My bedroom has been completely shifted around (I take pride in my ridiculous methods of moving furniture on my own!) & whether by coincidence or not, I have since been sleeping like a peaceful little lamb which is quite unusual for me. I vacuumed corners that have been neglected & hidden, dusted every surface with homemade furniture polish, emptied drawers that need to be sorted through, repotted tired indoor plants & remade the bed with fresh sheets & pillows. I was given a book by my beautiful Mum a little while ago called Tucked In by the wildly talented Meredith Gaston and it sparked in me a new-found appreciation for my bedroom and the respect and love it deserves.
There is still a lot of work for me to do in each room but I know I can take my time & do it thoroughly. Doing a big clean out was really healing at the very end of the year & has paved the way for me to make necessary changes to the way I live this new year.
Just a few things of the many things I would like to do this year:

 - get back into reading. I miss it & am so cross with myself that I ever stopped
 - more baking! Healthy things, of course (er hum)
 - focus on the new direction my art-making has taken in the last couple of weeks
 - restart doing a page in my journal EVERY DAY, even if it's just a squiggle
 - keep telling people how much I really love them
 - stop making excuses
 - be less afraid
 - float. pounce. swim. growl. breathe. Be real & ready & open.

I hope you are excited for this brand-spankin' new year in our lives! I'm ready to jump in!
xx Jessie

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