Monday, 26 March 2012

Little corners of heaven on earth

After a lazy breakfast at the scrumptiously gorgeous Hawker Street Cafe, a touch of garage sale-ing and stumbling across some cheap as chips plants at a church fete with one of my very nearest & dearest, we ended up at her parents place for an impromptu visit. Upon walking through the front gate & into their rose-laden garden, I instantly knew this would be a soul-nourishing trip. They guided me through their family home, pointing out endless treasures, most of which were lovingly handmade & each accompanied by a story. I felt so at home and could have happily perched beneath their backyard canopy for the entire afternoon, being reminded of why family, art and memories are so important. They are the glue that hold our ( sometimes cracked ) pieces together & without them life is kind of, well, wonky. After wandering inside & out, we drank tea and ate slices of home-grown peaches. We talked about the importance of change & new beginnings. And we laughed.
This was one of those unexpected happenings that left me floating rather than dragging my feet. Reading this & this from 2 of my most favourite blog crushes also helped remind me that even the people we admire the most also face the tough stuff. And at the risk of sounding like I'm pleased to know others are struggling, it is just so comforting to remember we are all human. Fragile. Vulnerable to heartache. Making our lives richer, our appreciation deeper & our art more likely to reach out and tickle the hearts of those who need it most.
xx Jessie Lee

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