Sunday, 8 April 2012


Happy Easter, lovely ones! What did you do? I hope you stayed safe & blissed out on choccies!
I had a busy, love-filled Easter weekend. Very much needed after another unexpectedly difficult week. Brekky with friends, bus trips, painting, staying at Mum & Dad's, family time, canine cuddles, an early morning trip to country markets, snoozes in the backyard. Wonderful & the perfect distraction from feeling woeful. But I couldn't be happier to be tucked in bed now with my woolly socks & sketch book & pencils, listening to the rain. 
I began today by walking crazy, sandy, adventurous dogs along a stormy beach with a dear friend. Watching them pounce on seaweed & frolic in the freezing cold waves made me long to enjoy something with that much enthusiasm & boundless joy. I envied them which sounds silly, I know. The sky over the beach this morning was moody & so many incredible shades of grey. I wanted to stand on the sand for hours, the wind whipping across my face, just watching the grumbling clouds unfold & give way to pale sunlight. 
I'm all chocolate-ed out. I am tired in ways that feel new & uneasy. I'm quite content to sit here & let any badness from this week wash away in the rain outside. 

So much for promising myself to go easy on new plants... It lasted barely a week ;)
I like to call this my morning chair. I'm not entirely sure why.
Something so lovely about fresh flowers in the kitchen.
Er hum... more plants. Awaiting new potty homes. For now they are making this funny old basket, that I fell for at the markets, look pretty.
Bird. Letter stamps. Tiny pot. Old tin. Delightful.
Terribly adorable dogs. One is a porpose. One is a worm. I fell in love instantly. Please note that the only reason they are posing so perfectly for this photo was because I was eating a chip.
This little lass was particularly bonkers. Needless to say, we bonded.
The always perfect Cafe Komodo. Oh my gosh. If you haven't been, treat yourself or someone you love! Can't get enough of this place & their funky, laid-back vibe & awesome furniture. Not to mention the tasty morsels & great coffee... Love it.

Psst... are you still here?! 
Just wanted to mention that I have a big happy art post coming soon.. Hopefully even tomorrow. Thankfully, worrisome feelings have been translating into creative energy. Sorry if I've been sounding pitiful of late. I appreciate you hanging in there with me :) Gives me fuzzies.
xx Jessie Lee.

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