Monday, 5 March 2012

it can be difficult finding time to doodle mindlessly
ever-changing mood board
out for brekky with Mum. Bliss.
A lucky find at Marion Lions club. Best 50 cents I've ever spent
Redisovering the gypsy in me. Catching myself longing to move. New beginnnings. Learning new recipes. Baking. Booking into some markets. Strange strange dreams that trickle into my mind throughout the day. Just a bit of what's been on my mind this week.
Making as many potty creations as time will allow...
All that remains of a Raspberry cake I made for my sister's birthday. Who knew a gluten/dairy free cake could be so tasty?!
total excitement at the thought of what I can do with this giant ol' kettle... it weighs a tonne!
Red velvet cupcake & tea. Late night supper after the movies.

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