Thursday, 29 December 2011

the thrill of slowing down

pic from madebygirl

This is my first experience of 'summer holidays' and I have to admit that I quite love them. Early mornings sprawl into warm & slow afternoons. The afternoons trickle into still, reflective evenings where the night air is gentle & doesn't bring with it the doom of the next day at work. I feel fiercely lucky to have such an experience & definitely don't allow myself to forget the feeling of returning to the daily grind straight after Christmas. I used to watch oblivious dawdlers saunter into wherever I may have been working at the time and feel an awful envy. They strolled around blissfully with watch-less wrists, browsing and moseying while I grumbled internally behind the counter. I shouldn't have been silly about it because now I've got my turn & I am trying to make the most of every precious second. Being an early riser, I am able to squeeze a lot of hours from the day & today has been one of my favourites. Mr man & I hopped in the car & headed for the shady green Adelaide hills. We trotted around, looked in some b e a u t i f u l bookshops & ate a late brekky at a darling cafe under the trees. I didn't intend on writing about the day but happened to take a quick few snaps before we headed home. 

we may or may not have found some amazing secondhand books to bring home...!

such a beautiful summers day beneath these incredible trees

Petunias? Yes please!

Recently, I have begun to recognise that I possess an annoying habit of getting cross with myself when I have a day where I don't 'achieve anything'. I am trying to teach myself that it's OK to just plop around sometimes. I really want to enjoy moments of said plopping rather than scolding myself that is has been wasted time. Today, I may not have achieved great & noteworthy things but I am slowly learning to just appreciate a beautiful day, regardless of how much may or may not have been accomplished. I need to remember that I do work hard, I try my best to do the right thing & that I am entitled to a selfish day of not-muchness every now & again. Looking through some incredible books & admiring gorgeous gardens & scenery, today, filled my head with fresh ideas & inspiration. That in itself can never be labelled as wasted time. We are constantly surrounded by the message that 'doing' and 'fast fast fast' is good but I have decided I am flipping that message the bird! That's not to say that life will suddenly become a big lump of nothingness but there is a distinct difference between laziness and quiet recharging of the soul battery!!
Tonight, I am diving headfirst into a big art-space clean out... 'Wait!', you exclaim! 'What about your big boring spiel about it being OK to not DO anything?!'. Well, I am sadly one of those freaks who finds sorting & rearranging cathartic & enjoyable so I'm doing it for that reason alone ;)  My shoebox sized apartment is uncomfortably warm but armed with watermelon & Bon Iver, I should be able to sweat it out! Tomorrow is New Years Eve. The day after is 2012. W o w. It is so nice to say I have a fuzzy feeling about the new year & am determined to make it one full of meaning, drive & passion. 
May you have a loverrrly weekend. And as for this year? Remember the good, learn from the bad & look forward to new adventures with an open heart. Happy New Years Eveing.  

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