Sunday, 25 December 2011

not so silent night

The unmistakable sounds of my family celebrating Christmas. The laughter & loudness & silliness. The peace that fills the rooms when everyone stumbles bleary-eyed and full-bellied to bed a lot later than intended. The goosebumps of happiness. The mix tapes. The food. Oh, the food. The worn out dog that watches us through droppy eyelids, wondering what on earth all the fuss is about. The wrapping paper strewn from room to room. The bliss of waking in my family home the next day, knowing holidays stretch ahead & the days are truly mine. I can be sleepy & slow, legs tucked beneath me, reading in the sun. Or I can use this time to feel reenergized & rediscover my creative mojo. The choice is mine & the choice is lovely.

Happy Boxing Day. It is my favourite day of the year. The end of some things & the beginnning of others. Be safe. Feel loved. Throw your head back & laugh just because it feels so good. 

Much love & peace,
Jessie Lee 

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