Thursday, 1 December 2011

sweet november treasures

this tiny pot & I were destined to be friends

mustard owl candle. score.

the poor lady that was selling these postcards got so sick of watching me trying to pick the ones I wanted that she offered to sell the lost for $5... it would have been rude to say no!

another forlorn little deer

they may be incredibly tiny, but these little ladies were my absolute favourite find at the markets a couple of weekends ago. They are so quaint & so perfect.

I like pretty bowls to put things in. Especially ones that have lids.

These A D O R A B L E little pups were snapped up & cuddled all the way home from an early Saturday morning boatshed market raid. They are guarding my front door pots & are so lovely to see when I come home from work. They look super old & their blemishes make them all the more charming.

Who couldn't love this little face?

Something to hang *squee* 

I took a liking to these old beer coasters. There were hundreds of them from someone's lovingly kept collection. I chose these 4 for their colours and prettiness.

Really diggin' that purple.. mm mm

A deeeelightful vintage Sarah Moon mirror that was an absolute steal. I am meant to be putting her in our growing pile of things to sell at our future market stall but she just looks so lovely in my living room....

My Mr's Mum came to the market too & she kindly found this for me. I abolsutely adore it. Can't wait to find a lamp shade for it & put her in a special pozzie!

A little polish & this darling wooden carved box will come up a treat

special mini treasures

I found this tiny ceramic house with my favourite number on it. Things so cute can't be left behind..

Some incredible art books from the Boat Shed. The 'English Lakes Watercolours' was too quirky to put back & for only a couple of dollars the paintings in it are soft & beautiful.

Definitely a favourite find for the day :)

Blue & white. Oriental design. Love.

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