Sunday, 25 September 2011

Dear Oly

Oly has an undeniable knack for making her home lovely and homely. It is full of enticing bits n pieces, gorgeous art, photos and I LOVE the dress above... just hangin' in the kitchen, of course!
Lion around ;) she has a stunning balcony garden
...Even her snacks looks amazing!!! I'd like to be doing this right now!
She makes incredibly gorgeous, dainty things that are absolutely on my 'love to have' list. She has just released a set of stickers on her online store which you can find here...  (link)
Oly has a desk to die to for and 2 cheeky cats... what more could a girl want?!
She has a whole section on her blog featuring her flea market finds. And yes, they are just as amazing as everything else she has on here! I love these little fellas.
...more flea market delights. This is definitely the kind of treasure I would pounce on. So unusual and so pretty, you sort of just have to give it a home!
In my hunt for beautiful things in the blogosphere, I stumbled across Dear Oly and immediately fell in love. I check in daily and am never disappointed! Oly writes posts that are sweeter than honey and her photographs are exquisite. She is so clever when it comes to making beautiful things and presenting them. Her floating, imaginative drawings are intricate and dream-like. Not only am I drawn to her art, but her house.... oh. my. It is stunning and exactly my cup of tea! She has knick knacks and gorgeous things absolutely everywhere and I can easily imagine myself getting lost for hours looking at them all. She has 2 very cheeky, very sweet little kittens that are deserving of their own special blogspot :) This girl can take photographs, that's for sure! She has a link to her Inspiration Blog and Shop which are definitely worth having a look at too. Please spare 5 minutes to wander through Oly's delightful online wonderland and I dare you not to come away smiling ;)

Happy Sunday evening to you all
xx Jessie 

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