Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Catty visitors

Whilst pottering about the garden today, I had 2 furry friends pop over to say g'day. While one was a little hesitant to come & join in, the other made itself quite at home, sniffing the parsley and helping himself to a long drink from my rain water bucket. Not being able to have pets myself (oh, the joys of being a renter), it was quite lovely having some company on this sunny afternoon. I grabbed my trusty iphone to take some piccies...


This little guy was a little hesitant about joining in the games

while we had cuddles...

                                            ...he continued to spy :)

Warm spring days like this make me want to squeal with happiness. The sun is just warm enough to toast my toes while I sit cross-legged on my back step. Everything feels lighter and I can almost hear the collective sigh amongst every living thing around me. I feel more inclined to paint, more energized and as though good things may be just around the corner. If you are in a similar mood or perhaps in need of a healthy little boost, you might find this song as amazing I have been! My oh my, this lady can sing!! It has been on repeat over the last week and I just can't get enough. Take a look.

'And I am done with my graceless heart, 
So tonight I'm gonna cut it out and then restart'.
These words could not be more appropriate right now.

I wish for you a little bit of sunshine, wherever you might be.
xx Jessie Lee

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