Thursday, 22 September 2011

some journal pages

my latest journal. Only half way through and she's already well & truly on the hefty side.. all that glue and paint. I love the feeling of fat pages!
I have boxes of pictures, papers, postcards and scraps that I can't part with. So many beautiful images to be inspired by. Most of them end up pasted into my journals, some will go onto canvases and cards. I love working them into the paint.

the picture on the left is from an old old Womans Weekly magazine that I found at The Boat Shed Markets. The colours are scrumptious! The leaves on the left were an excuse for me to play around with the clear varnish gloss I rediscovered during a recent clean out of the shed :) It gives a really lovely finish to the pages and will be nice to use over finished canvas pieces
'no more excuses'
Real Living magazine is an absolute goldmine for amazing interiors. I could quite literally sit & look at the way people set up their homes and studios all. day. long. I find it endlessly fascinating and completely inspiring.

'You're the one I want to see it all with'
A fish I did last month using a very sharp HB pencil. This is something I have hardly ever used, always opting for denser, softer pencils but I liked the change. It requires a lot more concentration and care, resulting in a lot finer detail. 
fishy detail
pages stained with tea 

one of my many awkward, misunderstood, lovable birds

'Lately I've Been Feeling Fragile'

words of wisdom.

'I Would've gone anywhere with you'

falling in love with my Derwent Watercolour pencils again

mustard filing cabinet.. delightful! A new rabbit sketch using one of my favourite colours, Burnt Carmine

texture paste is my new best friend. It is so great to draw and paint over. Keen to use it a lot more :)

more tea on paper

'It has been so hard to say what's hurting my heart'

Red and pink is my favourite combination

 'You Loved My Fuzzy Little Heart'

'Oh dear'
'For how long did I carry you?'

 Some birds from last years journal

'At least my Mum loves me'
'Um, I'll manage somehow'

'And with my funny little wings I'm going to fly'

'Sorrow Waited'

'I said I wouldn't wait anymore'

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