Wednesday, 8 February 2012

little reminders

slowly adding to my veggie patch! Mmmm mmm pretty colours

a beautiful gift from my beautiful Mum who supports my fancy for begonias!

'from little things, big things grow...'

one of my favourite pots (for obvious reasons!) had a hair transplant. this sweet indoor plant seems to be happy in it's new owly home!

new baby basil plant after the last one went all sorts of funky. And not in a good way!

gorgeous new pastel pinky goodness

check out these incredible roses from Mumma & Pappa bear's garden! They smell as wonderful as they look & have been fresh & delightful for days on end.

Car boot sale score :) little bit in love with this one

happy potty projects. I am positively brimming with ideas! It is starting to keep me awake at night!

retro mustard cups? $6? Absolute swoon.

My tomatoes suddenly went bonkers. I am addicted to eating them straight from the plant or popping them in the oven with fresh basil, olive oil & pepper... flavour explosion!

the colour of this hydrangea plant makes me feel happy

more tasty morsels! I'm afraid to say that these have been eaten since their photo shoot ;)

An artists suitcase full of their painterly treasures found at a garage sale for a couple of dollars. I can't stop peering inside & experiencing wafts of inspiration

Life has a knack of keeping us on our toes. Sometimes it takes stark, painful, sorrowful reminders to snap us out of blissful ignorance & realise, to full extent, how painfully lucky we are. 
Short of bombarding you with photos of my family & friends that lately have been making me all kinds of weepy with affection, I felt at a loss as to how I could express this feeling on my blog. So, the other day, I went for a little walk around my humble abode taking snaps of sentimental treasures. I need to do this sometimes when sadness gets the better of my heart.
Go & give someone you love a big kiss on the cheek? It will make you both feel giddy with lovelines. And who doesn't deserve THAT every now & then?
xx Jessie.

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