Saturday, 11 February 2012

going potty

They started as a Christmas gift for my loved ones & now they have taken over my creative brain in an explosion of ideas & excitement! These are my new little babies & the new arty direction I have been faffing on about for the last few weeks. POTS!! The thrill of moving away from flat surfaces & working on something that is not only pretty (I hope!) but functional as well is just amazing. Not to mention that creating these pots combines my 2 serious passions - gardening & painting! What more could a simple girl ask for?! The inspiration seems endless & I am positively itching to sit down any chance I get to get stuck into this blossoming creative project. I've expanded my art-making space at home solely to allow for the mess & playfulness these pots require & I love that it involves new mediums & tools & glazes that I have never used before. I come away from a pot-making session covered in lacquer, white house paint & a giant smile. Who knows if people will like them? Who knows how many others will share the child-like excitement I seem to be experiencing for a humble pot?! But I am so willing to keep going with this & see where it takes me. I have so many ideas speeding through my mind, my fingers struggle to match pace. This morning I am set for a solid few hours to get stuck into some more potty babies & see what I can come up with..
Happy Sunday!!
xx Jessie.

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